Thursday, June 28, 2012

PFC Challenge: Candy Colorized

I'm baaack! I just finished school which was crazy, and I thought I'd have a lot more time to blog being finished with school but I've been crazy busy with work. I really want to keep up with my blog and this PFC challenge was the perfect excuse to blog! I've been trying to eat healthy, so candy has definitely been eliminated from my diet, but I couldn't pass this challenge up. I was looking for M&Ms at Walmart, but couldn't find them for some reason, so I settled on these.. and somehow I ended up picking 2 pinks!!!! I was like ??? until I looked inside of the box and most of them were pink! I was like boo!!! I wish they had more green apple ones! but they only had 1! of course pink has to be the one color I don't have in my closet!! So I had to improvise.. I stole my little sister's clothes. She didn't have too many pink items either... but.. I did what I could.
This challenge is being held by SewPetiteGal

Having picked 2 pink candies I couldn't just choose 1 pink item. So I went with 2. This isn't something I would typically wear. But I felt that it worked for this challenge..
Blazer: Frenchi   Cami: Nordstrom(Sister's)   Dress: Hollister(Sister's)
Shoes: Christian Siriano Payless
 I layered a hot pink cami over this dress from Hollister which had a white top and threw on this blazer to kind of tone down the pink. Since the skirt seemed summery I chose to wear some wedges.

And after this whole challenge.. I realized I had pink braces... Hope you enjoyed this post!