Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Must Cute Shoes Be PAINFUL?! Shoe Review

A few months ago I learned a very good lesson. If you order shoes online, make sure you try them out for a while before wearing them out. I purchased two pairs of similar looking shoes from Steve Madden probably around August? I got the Marlenee in Fawn and the Realove in black. The Realove ones are now on sale, but knowing how uncomfortable they are, I wouldn't even want these on sale. These shoes are SUPER sexy on, but SOOOO uncomfortable. I'm used to heels, and I don't mind walking in them. But both of these shoes have the most uncomfortable slope. Which is really weird because from the looks of them they look like my other heels.

I have never had much luck with Steve Madden shoes in store because whenever I went in I never able to find a 5. So when I went on their website and saw that they had my size I jumped at it.

These Marlenee shoes are super cute but painful. The little platform helps a bit, but I can't get very far with them. 

You would think of the two shoes that these Realove ones would be more comfortable because the heel is lower. But these are the walk of death. I don't know why it is, maybe the lack of a platform, but oh my goodness are these painful! The slope on these shoes are just not comfortable at all. They're super cute, and I purchased them with the intent of them being an every day simple black heel. I have probably worn these out twice, and definitely regretted both times. 

So my lesson was learned, try on your online shoe purchases around the house before wearing them outside in the case that they are uncomfortable you can return them. 

What has been a fashion lesson you have recently learned?