Sunday, May 27, 2012

New goals

Unfortunately this is not an outfit post, oh how I wish it were... Since my last blog post I've been really wanting to put some good outfits together, and although I have put some outfits together and have gone about taking pictures of my outfits, they just didn't sit well with me... I feel that my wardrobe is pretty dated.. I feel like I haven't shopped for clothes in like 2 years! Sure I purchase a few pieces here and there, mostly sale items, but I haven't really shopped for clothes in a long time. I don't feel inspired with my current wardrobe. And of course I'd LOVE to be like "well enough with being bummed about your sad closet go shopping!" but the sad truth is I just don't have the money for it.

I think something else that kinda bums me out is I've been gaining some weight... I would have to thank my love for junk food and laziness for that.. sigh.. When I take outfit pictures and look at them I don't like the outcome..  But I am the only one to blame for that. I eat junk food probably 98% of the time... I hate vegetables.. and the only green I like to eat is candy (I LOVE green apple flavored candy!!!!!), and anything in a green potato chip bag(sour cream and onion chips LOVE).. ok enough with my fatty ways.. I also am a pretty inactive person. My gym membership expired a year ago and I have yet to renew my membership or find a new gym... My struggle with gym finding is that it's so expensive and the one that I want to go to that's in my price range is just so far.

But all in all I gotta work with what I have. I really like blogging. I like the process of it, and I love that it has really motivated me to try and put together outfits for my day to day life, whether or not I have time to take pictures of them. This blog is really helping me with my goal. So with that, I have made 2 more goals for myself.  That I'm hoping this blog will kinda force me to stay on track..

1. Try really hard to work with the items in my closet. Pull out clothes that I bought but never wear.

2. Get healthy. Eat better, and be more active!

Ok.. enough with this long post about nothing.. promise next post will be fashion related..


  1. Good luck! I think fashion bloggers fall into the trap of only wanting to show off clothes that are new. Maybe it is because our readers prod us for links so they can buy the items as well? The majority of the clothes I wear are seasons old. I work with classic pieces and try to pair them in a new way, so I like to think that my readers probably have something similar in their closets and it's the combination of clothes that is interesting, not just the 'new clothes' aspect of the outfit.

  2. Good luck! From my personal experience, cutting down on carbs really helps to lose weight.

  3. I empathize about feeling bigger. I feel like I just can't lose this extra baby weight and sometimes it really gets me down. If it's any consolation, you look really trim and fit in your pics! If you're interested in working out, I would recommend running. It really gets you going and you don't need to join a gym or get any equipment.