Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I know I keep saying I'm back.... and I'm not really, but really... this time I'm back. Here is my outfit from a couple of days ago when I took my little sister out to lunch. It has been so hot lately, and little dresses like this are so nice to just throw on when you are in a rush. And yes, you have seen this dress before.

Dress: Forever 21  Purse: Rebecca Minkoff   Belt: Forever 21
I absolutely adore my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I've had it for about a year now, and can honestly say it's been a great investment. My only complaint would be that sometimes those tassels can get a little annoying, and one of mine somehow has been cut/torn/or got caught in something, but there is only a little piece left of it which is very unfortunate. I like to wear mine with the straps doubled up. When I leave the strap long it just gets uncomfortable walking for me since I am 4'11 and the bag probably hits me about mid thigh.
Shoes: Purchased at DSW not sure of the brand.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I will see you very soon!


  1. i own a mac (bigger) one and I'm not sure if i can double the straps on that.. but i really want to try it. sometimes, i do find the single strap to be long for my short height.

    anyway, pretty dress!! :D you look nice!

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  2. That dress is sooo pretty and I LOVE your bag!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! And I love the breezy summer dress.

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  4. I used to own a mini mac, but it was just too small for my wallet. When I did use it, I always doubled-up the straps when I wore it and I'm 5'2". I don't like bags hanging near my knees!
    You look super adorable and your hair is gorgeous!
    By the way, thanks much for visiting my page!


  5. Agree with everyone else, your hair is so incredibly beautiful!